Welcome Ogle's Broom Shop



Welcome Ogle's Broom Shop




Welcome to my Web site!

 David Ogle is a third generation broom maker. He cuts the handle and puts the broomcorn on it, then it is stitched by hand . The brooms are made for use and decoration.

 Our shop is located in  The Great Smoky Arts And Crafts Community  in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The location is at the caution light at the intersection of Glades and Powdermill Road.

     We make handmade brooms, walking sticks, & hiking sticks with different carvings available on each that include: bear, wolf, horse, eagle, indian, snake, owl, rooster, etc. We also carry a variety of handcarved birds on brooms.

     We Retail and Wholesale. Come by, call or email me and I'll put you on my mailing list for a brochure and pricelist......

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