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     David Ogle great Uncle, Lee Ogle and wife Lillie started the broom-making tradition in the late 1920's. They started their shop up on John's Branch Road in the cabin that David works in today.
      Lee Ogle was born in the mountains of East Tennessee, and raised to make use of the many things nature provides. With strong hands and the patient skill acquired from years of work, Lee Ogle made brooms. Straw from broom corn raised by family and neighbors, bindings of the soft inner bark of poplar trees, and sturdy handles of laurel were all used to create brooms that looked as good as they swept.


 David's (Dad and Mom) Wayne and Betty started making brooms in 1960. They made brooms together until the 1970's


 David started making brooms with his father when he was 13 and by the time he was 16 it was a full time job. He worked with Wayne until 1988. David still carries on the tradition today. David and his wife Tammie make the brooms as close to the original as when the brooms were first made.

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